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We welcome you [INSIDE] the mind of the maker, [INSIDE] the region, spanning a wide geographic and creative discipline base, and [INSIDE] each of the workshops, studios, and places where the alchemy happens.

The INSIDE [CRAFT] trail is a new craft tourism experience positioning the area of Cavan, Leitrim, Longford and Roscommon as a region of creativity. Through INSIDE [CRAFT] our region’s craft and creative businesses become more visible to you, the visitor, to experience craft, to meet the maker, support our small enterprise owners and to purchase authentic, quality products for yourself or as a gift.


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We want you to know more about our creative region from an ‘insiders’ perspective. We believe visitors don’t just want to look at things; they want to experience them at a deeper level. And yes, we are on the inside of the country too, connected by the alluring River Shannon. This is a special place, a place that works harder to stand out.


You can enjoy our craft trail to visit 24 creative places across the counties of Cavan, Leitrim, Longford and Roscommon by browsing through our printed map and information. We invite you to explore, experience and support our crafts people, artists and creative people.

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